Make a Sale…Get Points! It’s That Easy.

With PinnaclePoints, you don’t have to worry about starting a contest too late to make enough sales to quality for a reward. You get Points starting with your first carrier appointment and with every qualified sale that you make! Points are awarded monthly for every $1 of your issued annualized commissionable premium in accordance with the table below. Points awarded in a month can be saved and redeemed anytime during the next 12 months. Additional Points can also be awarded with special promotions throughout the year. Start racking up your Points today!

Product Carrier Points 2024 Bonus Points
Medicare SupplementABL/Liberty Bankers32
 Humana Achieve32
 Lumico/Elips Life32
 Mutual of Omaha3 
 All Others2 
Life InsuranceUnited of Omaha4 
 All Others2 
Short Term MedicalAll1 
GAPLifeShield National3 
Other Products*All2 
* Per CMS regulations, sales of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans cannot be awarded PinnaclePoints